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Painted a bathroom for only 150.00 and it turned out BEAUTIFUL !

Nov 072016

Hello everyone.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog.

This morning I was called by a nice lady named Karen. Karen informed me that she was moving on Friday and needs someone to come paint their bathroom immediately as they were moving out in a couple days.

She had little money as she invested into a new property and it was more expensive than she expected. She called a few painting companies, but they were a little above budget.

She stumbled onto my site through google and gave me a call. I was able to meet her budget as long as I could do the job later that night. I also requested that she told her friends about me on her Facebook page.

After we agreed I finished up my scheduled appointments of the day. I then went to Home Depot and got the paint and the rest of the supplies.

I spent a total of three hours there and I painted every wall and the ceiling. It turned out BEAUTIFUL.

I only charged her 150.00 and she told all her friends and family. Later on that day one of her friends called me and i'll be seeing her friend tomorrow for some work. ( I mainly focus on friends telling friends ). This keeps my prices really low!

Here is a pic of me all suited up. I actually took this picture after I finished the job for my Blog viewers.





How to do a proper PROFESSIONAL maintenance on your own fridge

Nov 012016

How To Clean a fridge ( compressor area ) & Add YEARS to it's life!

I often hear people say " I remember when fridges lasted over 20 years!

Well.. You believe me or not, you can add many more years to the fridge with some easy maintenance that will only take you 30 minutes every few months.

Remember back in the day they had the fridges with the BIG cooling coils running from the bottom to the top of the fridge? Here is a picture.


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Well, those days are gone. Now the cooling coil is no bigger than a sheet of paper and has a small fan that circulates the air through it.


The area is now covered with a floppy cardboard backing or a metal part. It's not as open and free as they use to be. It's almost like fridges are MEANT to break right after the warranty goes, or only a few years after.

I STRONGLY recommend cleaning the coil if you want your investment to last years longer. Of course always unplug your fridge before doing any of the following maintenance steps.I also recommend wearing gloves as it can be quite messy too.

1. You will have to unplug your fridge first. Then remove that cardboard or metal plate at the very bottom * or top depending on your make and model *.

2. Use a vacuum with a soft tip brush. You need to get rid of all that dust around your cooling coil. If you don't know what it looks like its that black part on your right side by your fan. It's probably hiding behind the enormous dust blanket, so you might have to look through the dust to find it.

(Note) You don't want to break any of that cheap plastic they build the fan, coil cover, drip hose and everything else back there with, so be gentle. Soon the days of metal parts will be gone, sigh...

3. Make sure you clean the copper lines. You need to be very careful around the copper lines. You bend or break one of those then your in very big trouble. A cracked or damaged line can break your compressor, so go slow and steady.

4. I recommend to clean the drip pan. This pan holds the water from when your fridge goes into defrost mode. It will evaporate once the compressor turns on and heats up, but I like to clean it up and make it clean again by taking out the water and wiping it down.

5. Put some oil on the fan shaft. This is the part between the motor and the fan blades. It will help it turn freely and keep the air circulating around the coil. The coil keeps things down in that area at a reasonable temperature. If you didn't have that coil your fridge would break much quicker than normal.

6. Many fridges have a vent cover in front of the fridge. You need to open the front bottom door of your fridge *freezer if it's a bottom freezer fridge*. You will most likely see lots of dust in that area as well. Clean it off then pull it off. It should easily pull off.

7. Behind that bottom vent that you pulled off you will see dust inside that area. Look in the one / two holes and you will see. You will probably need a flash light.

8. After your done all these four steps you can put everything back together and plug it back in.

That's it!!

Now... If you are still wondering how to do step one I HIGHLY recommend you call me or another local Appliance Repair Company in your area. The cost should be roughly 80 - 100 dollars TOPS.

If you are paying more than a 100.00 before tax then it's TOO expensive and you need to call the next Appliance Repair Company.

I do roughly 3 maintenance jobs a day everything from fridges, furnaces, ovens and even dish washers.

Make sure that they are licensed as well. I have many certifications and over 20 years experience with a couple of customer satisfaction awards. I find that about half the "technicians" are not even licensed, Just Google Toronto appliance repair complaints and you'll see.

I added a couple of pictures below of a "before and after" of the fridge coil cleaning. The holes you see is where the air goes in. If dust blocks it then no air can go in thus making everything very hot and over working.

As always I really want to thank you for reading my blog and if you need any advice just email me. I am always more than happy to help!

Thank you for your time and call me if you need any help.

How to use, maintain and enjoy your humidifier

Oct 312016




I am receiving a lot of calls lately for furnace start up / tune up tasks.

Many are complaining that since they started using the furnace it's sarting to get dry in their homes.
The first thing I ask is if they have a humidifier.

Most people say yes. I then ask when they had the filter replaced in the humidifier and had it tuned up and I always hear (never)..

Most people don't know there is a filter inside that must be in decent condition for the humidifier to perform properly.
Winter is fast approaching and it's extremely important to get a new filter installed in your humidifier.

If you don't then it can impact not only your health, but also all the wood in your home (floor, structure, etc)
I do humidifier packages starting at only 50.00. I work on ALL makes and models. The price can go up depending on what is needed, but on average my cost is $50. I don't charge much as were a family owned and operated business with very little overhead, so we can save you money.

A furnace and humidifier should be done every year when you get your furnace inspected and tuned up.
If you have any questions please feel free to email or call me. I'm always happy to help in any way I can.

Kindest regards
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Dryer maintenance - TWO easy steps to keep your dryer safe and operational

Oct 312016

Tip of the day...... ( Dryer Maintenance )

Did you know your dryer can STILL last over thirty years like they use too if you maintain it with these 2 steps?

( PLEASE disconnect power to unit and wear gloves while performing these steps )

1. Your dryer drum rotates on wheels also known as bearings. They need to be lubricated and cleaned every six months. With the dust that accumulates around the moving components it's quite important to clean off the dust and apply a fresh coat of oil to all moving components *motor, bearings, etc*. If you do a maintenance on your dryer every six months you can save a LOT of hydro money as a dryer "electric dryer" runs on 240 Volts. Your clothes will come out nice and dry. Your hydro bill will decrease AND your dryer will last YEARS longer too!

2. Your air flow is VERY important to make your clothes dry and keep the tension down on the unit. Unplug your dryer before you clean it. Start by disconnecting your vent and getting as much lint out. This will help the unit quite a bit on it's own. You need to clean out all areas within the unit. This is the main reason for dryer fires. Dust will build up and the wind flowing through your unit will push the dust into the heating coil. This can cause the dust to catch fire and easily turn your unit into a blazing fire bomb. I work on dryers on a daily base and can see why dryer fires are the leading cause of home fires.

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